A trend of two halves

Moving to Hong Kong almost 13 years ago I remember looking for self tan. I was baffled. I couldn’t find any. I went to all the same cosmetic companies I knew sold the products from back home in the UK but I couldn’t believe that instead of self tanning products they sold skin whitening products. I soon learned that the trend was the reverse here. People would envy my pale complexion. I was laughed at when I asked for self tan. Why would I want to have darker skin? They were also baffled.

I wrote this poem when reflecting on the different trends. Why can’t we just be happy in the skin that we were given?

A trend of two halves.

One thought on “A trend of two halves

  1. I get you. Black people like to bleach their skin! The shops should be fined for trying 2 make money on people’s expense!!! Dead against it….I tell the shopkeepers off! I give them hell but I’m only a little voice…. 😦

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