The thoughts of a mum

When you are told you have cancer you immediately ask yourself, will I die? Before I was staged, all I could think of was my girls and what would happen if they lost me. The thought of it would make me feel anxious. I couldn’t even look at them without thinking ‘what if I can’t see you grow up?’

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but for the time being I feel that I could happily stay at stage 3. I’m hoping my immunotherapy will keep this monster at bay and that once treatment finishes we can go back to some normality. But really truthfully thinking about it, I will always be checking and worrying if this will return. I have hundreds of moles on my body. It’s scary. So with this in mind you can’t really blame me for thinking the way I do at times. This is a poem I wrote at a time that I was fearful for the future. Xx

4 thoughts on “The thoughts of a mum

  1. I feel you! Round 7 and so far so good but like you I am literally covered in moles! I’ve had my first appt with the dermatologist and plan to keep this going even if I’m lucky enough to to come out of the other side of this. Stay strong. We can totally do this!

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