I’m ok, don’t you worry about me.

Feeling like a burden. Complaining that your hurting. Always in pain but trying to hide it. This is how I feel at the moment. I’m constantly being asked if I’m ok. It doesn’t offend me, it’s a perfectly acceptable question. But it’s hard to be honest. This poem explains why.

I’m ok, don’t you worry about me.

4 thoughts on “I’m ok, don’t you worry about me.

  1. Beautiful words. I can totally empathise with how you feel. Even though I’m in a good place at the moment the rawness of what melanoma has done to me is always there. I don’t want to burden my family they’ve been through too much so I keep it to myself. Sometimes it only takes a lyric in a song to bring the emotions pouring out. This tends to happen when I’m alone in the car listening to music.

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