I’m an author!!!

Well it’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here, which generally means all is going well! I’ve got my routine scans coming up in 2 weeks so I’m hoping all is ok with those. Will keep you posted. Right now I have some exciting news. Back in August last year I really wanted to talk to my class of 5 year olds about sun safety and how we can enjoy the sun by taking a few easy steps. As always, I like to I traduce a new topic by using a mentor text, but I struggled to find one that was appropriate for this age group. After searching high and low, I decided to have a go at writing a children’s story myself.

The writing part of the story was probably the easiest part for me. However I needed to illustrate it! Now I’m no trained artist but I can draw. So I started to watch lots of tutorials on how to use the pro create app on my iPad. After a few months, I created the story book ‘Puxley the Squeaky Clean Pig’. I was so proud of it that I approached a few publishers however as I’m an unsolicited author/illustrator, many publishers were not interested. Until one came along and believed in the story. So I am proud to announce that my story will be published by a publisher based in Cambridge, UK. I am super excited about this book as I feel it could be a great tool to help parents and educators teach young children about the importance of sun safety. I will keep you all updated on the release date and really hope you can show your support 💕💕💕

Meet Puxley

2 thoughts on “I’m an author!!!

  1. Amazing Adele! I’ll definitely order a copy to the US when available. Always in support of sunscreen!
    Sending hugs your way!!

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