Happy new year!

Ok, so I’m over a week late with this. Happy New Year! As with everyone else, I reflected back on 2020 quite a lot. It was hard not to be bitter and not focus on the negatives…even my 8 year daughter cried when watching a recap of the year on tv. It was a horrible year in so many ways. But I have to take the positives. I can’t waste my energy focusing on the negatives. So I took the positives and poured my energy into those. I’m grateful to be here. Alive. Thanks to modern medicine. Thanks to the amazing team I have behind me at the Gleneagles. Thanks to my family and friends. Without them, I’m not sure how I would have gotten through 2020. Now we have to face 2021 and the unknown. I’m hopeful for this year. I have to be. I’m hopeful my treatment will come to an end and that the melanoma doesn’t raise it’s nasty head. I’m hopeful for travel. I need to see my family….I think we are all desperate for that. So let’s just try to focus on those positives…even if they are small. Xx

My poem reflecting back
My babies…my world.
So grateful
Of course I’m grateful for these three too.
Positively stepping into 2021.

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