Unconditional Love

They say that dogs can sense when we are down, when we are happy…even when we are not very well. Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2019 I’ve seen a change in my dogs behaviour. They have become my guardians. I am unable to move without them by my side. I go to the bathroom and all three will be waiting for me outside the door. I honestly believe they know I have an illness and they are comforting me through it all, even at my lowest points. Animals are just the best. Do you believe they can sense this too?

My Sophie
The best cuddles
Always at my side
My three amigos
Scarlet & Alfie
A poem about my loyal friends

2 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. You are a remarkable lady… Your journey made cry 😢but more so made me smile as well… Your wonderful girls & family & friends being on your long journey!!!! Wonderful ❤️I love your amazing poems & your story….you are beautiful and and I have loved reading your blogs 💖 I wish with all my heart ♥ you have a wonderful life & get to see your mum & dad soon… 🌹🌹You keep fighting my love 💖 a truly wonderful lady 💓💓💓


    1. Lorraine thank you for this comment. So glad you have enjoyed my blog, it means a lot to me. I hope I can get home soon too…it’s all I really want right now. Thank you for your support. Take care. Xxx


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