Immunotherapy is the treatment I am currently on. Described as a wonder drug, I am hoping it does wonderful things for me! Immunotherapy is different to chemotherapy as it doesn’t attack your good cells as well as the bad cells. Instead it teaches your immune system to seek out the cancer cells only and kill them. Clever eh! When I first started treatment so many people were asking if I would lose my hair. Thankfully on this drug I won’t. So far there haven’t been many side effects which is great. This poem is one that I wrote during my last treatment, it was a tough one. You will understand once you read the poem.

Treatment day
Cycle 3 complete!

10 thoughts on “Treatment

  1. Hi,
    I’m a fellow melanoma patient. 38 and diagnosed during my pregnancy last year. I’m currently on cycle 7 of immunotherapy. I can relate to ever word you have written. I was just sat here googling positive stories as today aha been one of those days. Under a dark cloud of fear. I’m glad I found your blog.

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  2. My partner has stage 4 melanoma,he has completed his combination immunotherapy and is now having maintenance immunotherapy once a month. He is doing really well, a few downs but mainly ups. I loved your poem and could relate to it from my point of view and yours/his. Keep strong. Good luck on your journey x

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  3. What an amazing inspiring blog. My daughter is currently going through this journey and I been terrified to read up altho I know enough. This is inspiring thank you and god bless your healthy life moving on XX

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